Hellooo!! I’m back after two weeks of races! So last post I was about to go to the Apostle Island Sled Dog Race!! Now I’ve finished that and gone to the Mid-Minnesota 150!

Apostle Islands was amazing!! I raced in a 20 mile, two day long race for the first time! It went so well! The temperature was not ideal, but we pulled through and had a great time! My dad and I ran at the same time but I only saw him once… You see, my bib number was before his so I left sooner then he did. The dogs did great! Overall it was a very good race!

The Mid-Minnesota is a different story… Don’t get me wrong, the race went well but I didn’t get to go on the trail. I got sick right after Apostle Islands and didn’t recover in time for the race… I chose to scratch (forfeit) for the safety of my team. I wasn’t fully intact so I don’t know if I could have reacted in time if something had happened! (I had also not been able to stay awake for more then two hours while I was sick) My dad still went on to the race and did really well! The dogs did their first 35 miles!! I wish I had been able to do it but the dogs’ safety comes first!

Thanks for reading!!! See y’all next week!!! 👋🏼👋🏼

Happy Valentines Day!! 💗

All hands and paws on deck!

It’s an all dog weekend.

Our “boot maker” extraordinaire is busy!

Race booties

Our “treat maker” is busy:

Eva Diva Puppy Snacks

And because we ran out of time and…er…funds to order a sled bag for Justin’s sled in time for this year’s races, he’s busy at work too:

Justin’s new sled bag

It takes a lot of people with a lot of talents to support this venture. Good thing we love her!!

What Mushers do…

Hi guys! Welcome back! So we recently got on to the sleds! We had to travel about a half an hour to find snow but we did it!!

The farthest that we have gone while on the sled is eleven miles, which took us almost two hours. The dogs had a harder pull that day so we’re not really considering how long the run is!

Standing on the back of the sled for the most part, sounds boring, but all mushers have something to do when standing. (Don’t get me wrong that’s not all we do!) Some mushers listen to audiobooks or podcasts. While others sing on their own! I’d say I’m a really goofy person so I like to dance on the sled!! Sounds risky? You bet! There are many dance moves that I can’t do on the sled! (The floss or the worm for example) So I just move my limbs strangely and laugh! 😂

Being on the sled is so much fun!! Not just so I can dance but because the dogs love to pull! Running with the dogs is always an awesome part of my day!

My dance moves! 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 It’s better with sound!



Cat Troubles

If you haven’t noticed I didn’t post much in December. So thanks for waiting! Our training started reaching longer distances so we’ve been busy!

Speaking of training, the dogs are always super excited to go but one problem that we’ve seen is that staying lined-out, (when the dogs stand nicely in their spot and keep the main gang line tight with their harnesses) a usually a simple task, unless we have a little trouble-maker hanging around… Since you read the title of this week’s post, I bet you can take a good guess on what that “helper” is: a cat.

You see most of our kennel has inherited a form of ‘prey drive’. What does that mean? Well, take Cocoa for example, if she sees a bunny or deer or (even a cow), she’ll try and chase it, taking the team with her. (Cocoa runs lead) So you can see why having a few friendly barn cats could be a problem.

We’ve been able to suppress the dogs’ ‘prey drive’ a little however. By taking the dogs out on runs, more and more we’ve seen this ‘drive’ go down. They are learning to focus on the trail and every single little “prey”.

No, we haven’t been able to stop them from wanting to chase the cats. However, if we give the cats a bit of food before we go, they don’t seem to want to bug us or the dogs.



trouble gang

Define hard.

“It must be really hard to live there.”

That’s the most common phrase I hear when I tell people that I live in North Dakota.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the lack of big populous areas to provide the latest entertainment. Maybe it’s the lack of trees. Or how most things move quite slow around here. Fashion trends are typically a few years behind even with social media’s incessant need to tell us what is “in”. Or maybe it’s the wind.

It could be the wind. It.never.stops. Pioneers were known to have gone crazy here due to the wind. Truth.

The requirement to drive at least an hour to a “city” does make matters a bit difficult.

But hard?

I could see why someone who grew up in a city of a million people would think it was hard to have a graduating class of 8. And yes moving into that class at the age of 15 when the other 7 have been together since before preschool is…awkward.

To me hard has an entirely different meaning. Is -50 windchill hard? Yes, if I have to be out in it long. But 99 degrees is way harder.

Loud noises and crowded streets. Exhausting. Give me snow covered trails and the hooting of a great horned owl.

Barking dogs in the city…barking dogs in the country…well equal perhaps in that barking dogs are annoying. But, dogs bark for a reason and I’d rather them bark at the barn cat that I can chase away.

Spending an afternoon filling the dog houses with straw in single digit temperatures is entirely worth it to turn around and see this:

Hard to live here? Not nearly as hard as it would be to leave here.

*Mama Katt