Sponsor A Diva

In addition to the funds Eva raises through her dog treat business, we have created a sponsorship program. Many people have reached out to us wondering how else they can help get Eva to her dream.

It’s no mystery that it costs money to raise and race dogs. Each dog comes with its own quirks, personalities, vet costs, training equipment and more! With our Sponsor a Diva program, you can help out!

Sponsorship happens at 5 different levels.
1. Buy dog treats and support Eva through her business.

2. Co-sponsor a dog – you and four other individuals support a Diva Dog of your choosing. Your co-sponsorship helps pay a fraction of the costs for that dog. You will receive updates and a picture of your dog. (And no, you don’t have to find 4 friends to join you, we do that part. You just donate your co-sponsor fee and when the dog has reached 5 sponsors, it is considered fully sponsored for the season.) Click the link below to sponsor – and/or send us a message to sponsor!

3. Exclusive Sponsor – don’t like sharing? Or maybe you want to see your favorite dog get fully sponsored right away! As an exclusive sponsor you will receive updates, a picture of your dog, and name on the DivaDog truck. Click the link below to sponsor – and/or send us a message to sponsor!

4. Big Dawg Sponsor – these guys pay the $$$ to put their logo on Eva’s sled bag, dog truck…you get the picture…email us if your company is interested in being a Big Dawg Sponsor at Katt@divadogsracing.com

5. Pit Crew – purchase anything from her current needs list and help her along the way! The Needs List can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/190URFEJTJF05?ref_=wl_share

All dog sponsors will receive a photograph of the sponsored dog, as well as monthly updates. Dog sponsors will be listed on the website unless noted that they want to remain anonymous. Sponsorship lasts one year.

We have online payment now available! Don’t like online shopping? Send us an email and we can arrange other payment! Katt@divadogsracing.com

Cocoa – Fully Sponsored!


Cocoa runs in any position. She can run lead but she doesn’t like people much so we don’t typically run her up there at races. She’s shy but the goofiest dog in the yard. She is the mother to the Inspire Litter. She also runs canicross in the summer.

Cocoa is co-sponsored by:
1.The Morrison Family – Marcus, Rachel, Vaya, and Joel
2, 3, 4, 5: Deb Morrison

Frost – Fully Sponsored!

Frost runs in lead and swing position. She is a cheerleader if there ever was one! She’s a sweetheart and loves everyone! Expect to hear her saying “wooooooo”!

Exclusively Sponsored by: Grandma Dee

Kita – Fully Sponsored!

Kita runs in any position but you will typically find her in lead. She loves it all and she is the resident LOUD MOUTH! Kita always has something to say! She is a determined little gal that loves to run fast!

Kita is co-sponsored by:
1.Donna and Eric Olsen
2. Shana Norrell & Family
3. Jon Parnell
4. Chris Kleinwaechter
5. Patty Askew

Negee – Fully Sponsored!


Negee runs in lead position but she can also run in any position as well. She’s the sweet one with the brown eyes who is ALWAYS looking for a face to lick. Neg loves to give you a face bath if you get close enough!  Her nickname is Negee Luigi!

Negee is co-sponsored by:
1.Donna and Eric Olsen
2.Rhett Jahner
3. Deb Thompson
4. Molly Skadsen
5. LouAnn and Bobby Johnson

Pache – Fully Sponsored!

Pache is a wheel dog simply due to his size. He is one tall boy! Pach is a sweet boy who is also ready for anything at anytime. Not much phases this guy. He’s got a great laid back personality.

Pache is co-sponsored by:
1.Deb Thompson and Family
2.Peggy Dietrich & Marci Eckroth
3 & 4. Al & Marla Morrison
5. Les & Barb Puppe

Inspire Litter

Brave – Fully Sponsored!

He’s the oldest dude and looks exactly like his Mama Cocoa. Brave is a complex guy who knows what he likes and what he doesn’t. He is arguably the hardest working guy in the yard. He LOVES to pull! He can run any position but lead as he’s a shy guy despite his name!

Brave is co-sponsored by:
1, 2, 3: Kristi Sharp and Family
4. Charlie Monson
5. Jacob Kipp

Honor – Fully Sponsored!

Honor is a BIG GUY!

He is crazy affectionate but a bit bigger than he realizes! He is a wheel dog but can run team as well. He’s the nervous nelly of the group and doesn’t really like to travel. He does love to pull though!

Honor is co-sponsored by:
1. Deb Thompson
2 & 3. Fontaine Law Office, PLLC
4 & 5. Grandpa Jim” and Brenda Springer

Hope – Fully Sponsored!


She is affectionately called “Hopie” and is ALL love and affection. Hope was named after a dear friend of ours’ son, Levi, who suffers from a severely rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. Hope will always be easy to find as she gets the honor of wearing a blue harness which is the signature color for Levi’s Hope.

Please visit Levi’s Hope to learn more about Levi!

Hope is HAPPY!! LOVES EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! She is an energizer bunny and does not like to stop. Hope has raced all but one race and she only sat out to give her brother a chance to run. She can run any position but wheel as she does not like the sound of the sled brake. She is very smart; she just needs maturity. She’s very much like her Daddy Jayce. No dog could ever replace Jayce but Hopie is pretty close in her personality.

Hope – Sponsored by The Gagner Family

True – Fully Sponsored!

Aww, sweet True Girl…she is the littlest of the Inspire Litter but don’t let her size fool you! SHE IS ONE SMART COOKIE!

She is a bit skiddish but she uses those brains well by running in swing position. She loves to pull and has pretty much outsmarted all her litter mates.

True is exclusively sponsored by The Menke Family – Chad, Katrina, Lucas, Evan, and Tyler

Dream – Fully Sponsored!

Dream is a lovey, happy, go with the flow girl. She loves to run. She is always willing to go and do anything you ask her! She has done a great job training this season and can really run in any position. She’s not a strong leader yet but she’s learning!

Dream is co-sponsored by:
1.Breka Jahner
2.Shag Jahner
3. Megan Nordstrom
4. Junell and Donald Jonasson
5. Sloane Penfield

Believe – Fully Sponsored!

MYSTERIOUS. That’s the best way to describe Miss Believe. She has a wonderfully happy bounce to her step, she has an excellent long and fast trot (something you really love to see in an endurance dog), but she is a bit like a cat. She likes you. She’s happy to see you. But…eh…whatevs. Don’t get us wrong, she’s a happy thing…but people aren’t necessarily her driving joy in life. She likes people but she doesn’t NEED them…you know?

She loves to pull and we can’t wait to see what other new discoveries we will make with her as she matures!

Exclusive Sponsored by Patty Quinnett

Newest Divas

Pond – Fully Sponsored!

Pond is an Iditarod veteran. She comes from Wade Marrs and Stump Jumpin Kennel in Alaska. She can run any position. She’s shy but she’s all business.

Pond is exclusively sponsored by Kevin and Penny Kernosky.

Corgi – Fully Sponsored!

Corgi comes from Wade Marrs and Stump Jumpin Kennel in Alaska. She runs in swing position and is an absolute sweetheart. She loves to run and she loves to cuddle too!

Corgi is co-sponsored by:
1.The Jensen Family
2. The United Valley Bank Ladies: Monica, Stephanie, Leslie, and Jennifer
3. Holiday Bob
4. Mike & Sandy Tomlinson
5. Deb Thompson

Skruff – Fully Sponsored!

Skruff comes to us from Dallas Seavey. She’s a 4 year old lead dog who’s a bit on the small side for the long distance races. She was working with a yearling team and leading tours. She’s a very sweet girl and we are eager to welcome her into the diva yard! She runs in swing and is quickly learning to be a main leader.

Skruff is co-sponsored by:
1.The Horsley Family
2.Bohn Trucking – Bill and Monica Bohn Family
3. Deb Thompson
4. Brittney Krebs
5. Katie Ogden, Smitten with Mittens, “Humor on the Highway”

Forest – Fully Sponsored!

Forest is a brother to Pond and just joined the divas in April 2021! He’s a happy guy and very outgoing! He is always happy to see us and likes to bounce around! Forest runs lead or swing!

Forest is sponsored by Kemp Farm.

The Stowaway Litter

Pictures Coming soon! This “oops” litter was born from Frost and Forest.