“I’m a musher.”

She’s been saying it for ten years yet she’s only fourteen years old.

Eva has wanted to be an Iditarod musher since kindergarten and while her dreams are to run the 150 mile Junior version of “the last great race”, we have a feeling that once she gets a taste of Alaska, she may not stop there!

Eva is the owner and operator of Eva Diva Puppy Snacks, a dog treat business that she created in order to help fund her Jr. Iditarod dreams. At the tender age of eight, she began making and selling her special treats in order to save money to buy her race dogs, her sled, and her way to Alaska.

Growing up on the sled, Eva says she was born to mush. Her parents owned a team of Alaskan Malamutes the helped form her love for the sport. After two years of dog treats, she was able to purchase her pup, Cocoa, who hails from Alaskan roots. Cocoa is the daughter of Rebecca, a former Iditarod race dog for Kelly Maixner.

Not long after Cocoa, Eva was in contact with Kelly who sent her his best command leader, Jayce. Jayce’s dad is Payton…from that famous Mitch Seavey kennel….anyway, it didn’t take much longer for Eva to acquire four more of Cocoa’s siblings and her mother. Then came the Inspire Litter – born in 2018 – who added six more sets of puppy paws to her kennel. In 2020 she added Pond and Corgi from Wade Marrs’ Stump Jumpin’ Kennel and Skruff from Dallas Seavey’s kennel. Eva now was a team of 15 dogs – though 1 is retired from racing and is a puppy trainer.

Her dog treat business continued to support her as she bought her own race sled from Prairie Bilt Sleds four years ago. She competed in several short distance races and has her sights on longer distances as she grows older.

We expect many great things from our determined dreamer. Come along for the ride!