Define hard.

“It must be really hard to live there.”

That’s the most common phrase I hear when I tell people that I live in North Dakota.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the lack of big populous areas to provide the latest entertainment. Maybe it’s the lack of trees. Or how most things move quite slow around here. Fashion trends are typically a few years behind even with social media’s incessant need to tell us what is “in”. Or maybe it’s the wind.

It could be the wind. It.never.stops. Pioneers were known to have gone crazy here due to the wind. Truth.

The requirement to drive at least an hour to a “city” does make matters a bit difficult.

But hard?

I could see why someone who grew up in a city of a million people would think it was hard to have a graduating class of 8. And yes moving into that class at the age of 15 when the other 7 have been together since before preschool is…awkward.

To me hard has an entirely different meaning. Is -50 windchill hard? Yes, if I have to be out in it long. But 99 degrees is way harder.

Loud noises and crowded streets. Exhausting. Give me snow covered trails and the hooting of a great horned owl.

Barking dogs in the city…barking dogs in the country…well equal perhaps in that barking dogs are annoying. But, dogs bark for a reason and I’d rather them bark at the barn cat that I can chase away.

Spending an afternoon filling the dog houses with straw in single digit temperatures is entirely worth it to turn around and see this:

Hard to live here? Not nearly as hard as it would be to leave here.

*Mama Katt

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