Hellooo!! I’m back after two weeks of races! So last post I was about to go to the Apostle Island Sled Dog Race!! Now I’ve finished that and gone to the Mid-Minnesota 150!

Apostle Islands was amazing!! I raced in a 20 mile, two day long race for the first time! It went so well! The temperature was not ideal, but we pulled through and had a great time! My dad and I ran at the same time but I only saw him once… You see, my bib number was before his so I left sooner then he did. The dogs did great! Overall it was a very good race!

The Mid-Minnesota is a different story… Don’t get me wrong, the race went well but I didn’t get to go on the trail. I got sick right after Apostle Islands and didn’t recover in time for the race… I chose to scratch (forfeit) for the safety of my team. I wasn’t fully intact so I don’t know if I could have reacted in time if something had happened! (I had also not been able to stay awake for more then two hours while I was sick) My dad still went on to the race and did really well! The dogs did their first 35 miles!! I wish I had been able to do it but the dogs’ safety comes first!

Thanks for reading!!! See y’all next week!!! 👋🏼👋🏼

Happy Valentines Day!! 💗

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