Start of Fall Training

Hey everyone! Today, we’re starting weekly blog posts here at Diva Dogs Racing! Every Friday, we’ll have a new post for you on the blog except for next week then the post will be on Wednesday because of Thanksgiving!

Today, we’re going to walk you through our start of Fall Training. This year we’re training with two teams; the Cocoa team and the Frost team. The teams are named after the head Lead dogs. Lead dogs are the dogs that lead the team and listen to commands from the musher, there are usually two Lead dogs but due to our lack of strong Leaders we have a dog that easily runs Lead and a Team dog (a dog that pulls in the middle) running Lead. We also have some yearlings learning their spot on the team, so we’re starting with simply working out all the gray areas formed over the summer. Our first run with both teams was mostly just a joy ride, because the dogs don’t need to pull hard on the first run of the season.

As mushers, we look for the best trails for the dogs. Last year we had a usual route that we took, adding a few miles in here and there. This year, however, we have an even better trail that is easier on the dogs’ paws. We hope to keep switching between the two trails, this way the dogs can’t memorize one route and give up at the turn-around. If we prevent that from happening the dogs will continue to enjoy the ATV, the sled, and just pulling in general.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Facebook @evadivapuppysnacks or on Instagram @divadogsracing


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